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Wanted Minifish in SoCal. Willing to drive a bit...

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Cactus Cowboy

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Best bet is to check C/L every day, and not just on the coast, I've seen some nice boats for sale under the 'Inland Empire' heading. I know you want a Minifish, but I saw a fair deal on a Coronado 15 in Santa Barbara:

Coronado 15 '84 - boats - by owner - marine sale

Probably get it for $750. The ad photos make me wonder if this seller leaves the mast stepped and standing rigging in place... maybe this hand lives near the boat ramp, and the course from house to ramp is charted, no overhead clearance issues, LOL. :rolleyes:

Only problem there is if ya forget clearance issues and deviate from the charted course, only to dismast the boat under a low bridge, traffic signal, etc... :eek:


I am actually thinking about getting a second one, the first one is going to a friend's house down in Baja. This thing is so light I could probably beach launch it in SoCal without too much trouble
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