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Wanted: Mast Step Adjuster


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Looking for a mast step adjuster. Anyone have, or know where to get one?


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APS used to have them but seems like they’re not offering anymore.

Shopsoundboatworks.com used to offer it as well but it’s not on the menu.
they do have a picture still so perhaps call them.

rigrite.com shows it as
Keel-Mount Mast Step Ass'y w/ Adjuster: K-10674A-Adj:

Mast Step Assembly with Mast butt adjuster is as K-10674A, above, but with integral Ronstan Sealoc Adjuster and Adjuster anchor plate.

Seems like much money at $469 for the entire assembly but you might call them too because they seem to offer the a Steel plate and adjuster for $339.00 that’s not including the casting step that bolts to the plate.
still seems expensive considering you can get the plate and step for $90.00

vendors list shows Butch at MGB used to offer them

good luck



A guy in this S/A thread was selling some. I don't know if he has any left but you could PM him.