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Wanted: Mast and Rudder/Tiller

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Looking for a mast and rudder/tiller assembly for my cheap craigslist find, also some spars if cheap. I'm located in Charleston SC, thanks!


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I have all the parts but can't ship the mast. Can ship rudder and tiller. Do you need old style or new style? Contact me at cjo1023 at yahoo-dot-com.

Barnacle Bill

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I just got a boat/hull in good shape and need rudder, centerboard, rigging, sail, etc. I think it is "old style" rudder, and most Sunfish web pages do not have any in stock/available. Can we communicate about me buying a package deal of parts to be shipped to me in Hawaii? My email address is barnacleb@hotmail.com, Barnacle Bill Crockett, 808-250-6701
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Chris Rositzke

I have all these parts and I am willing to ship. Call or text 585-365-3965. If you still need them
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