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WANTED: low cost, off-the-shelf, beach dolly for vacation next week!


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Hi, my cousin and I are the proud owners of a new (well, used) Sunfish!

We are trailering it to it's new home on Long Beach, Ontario when we go on vacation next week.

I'm looking to purchase (NOT build, due to time) a low cost, off-the-shelf, beach dolly. Does anyone have any recommendations?

This item is about $40 w/shipping on Amazon. Does anyone have experience using it or similar?


Note: it's rated to hold 150 lbs.

Thank you,



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Good for a kayak, not really built big enough or strong enough for a Sunfish. Being in such a hurry may mean spending more. Did you check your local Craigslist?


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Good suggestion to check Craigslist. Nothing much locally since I'm not really looking for a Seitech; we really just want something basic.

Amazon has a wide variety of options; it would be great to hear from folks who have experience buying rather than building...

beldar boathead

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I have seen that exact Amazon dolly used to move a Sunfish. The wheels are small but it will roll on a hard surface . It really does not work on soft sand. It is better than nothing but it is not really suited to sunfish use. BB

Fred P

Yes, it has been working for me- on a harder surface type of sand. Haven't tried it in really soft sand yet.
I used it in soft sand but not a long run of it. Needed a little more umph to move it. Two people would be a help: one pulling, one pushing.
It's also very easy to break down and pack.
Regarding the comment on Amazon about floating the boat off the wheels: don't do that. One person can lift each end of the boat off the wheels very close to the water and float it from there. Nothing's perfect.
Happy sailing!


James W.

Also, if you had the time, that one from Dick's Sporting Goods looks like you could very easily change out those wheels for a little bigger, balloon type set of wheels for softer sand.


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Thanks for all your feedback. This is really helpful! I really appreciate all the quick responses.

Think I'll give it a go. Will let folks know the results. We are sailing from Long Beach, Ontario if anyone is there next week...

btw Intensity Sails is the best. I've ordered from them before, and they offer a great collection of curated gear for specific small boats (Sunfish, Laser, O'Day Daysailer, etc.), top-knotch customer service, and fair prices.
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