Wanted: Looking for a dolly in CT

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Everyone in the United States is looking for a dolly these days. Talked to the guy at CastleCraft this afternoon about Seitech dollies and he laughed. Same thing at Landfall. Infinity Sails won't have any of their Argentinian dollies until late November (probably should have asked about Argentinian sweeties, while I was at it). This is a pretty sorry state of affairs for an Olympic class that's been around nearly 40 years.
do you have a email, i will send our dolly pics to you. Better you can collect someone together who also wants the dolly and do a 'group purchase', it will can cut the costs, especially for the shipping costs.
SeaERBoat - Without an import license on our end, and an export license on your end, in China, it would not be an easy thing to bring multiple Laser dollies into the United States. I recommend that you find a U.S. distributor for your dollies - perhaps CastleCraft, one of the biggest (and most frustrated) Seitech distributors, located in the state of Illinois. That would make it much easier for everyone involved, and would enable you to use a 40' container to reduce shipping costs. I doubt I could convince enough Laser owners to send money to China for a product that nobody has ever seen, physically.

If you'd like to send pictures, please use mrpelicano@yahoo.com.

Thanks very much for the offer, however. Best. MrPelicano
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