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I have two, one a 1981 hull with good legal hardware and legal sail, proper gunnel support trailer ( titled ), cover, and lots of extras. This boat has been stored inside when not sailed, and is very stiff and dry. It has classic rigging. Step is perfect. Orange in hull color. Price is negotiable depending on what you want to take with you ( I will separate the trailer and some extras.. ) but under no condition will I take more than $1600.

The second boat is not nearly as nice, but also not nearly as expensive. It's a late 70's boat, soft in some places on the deck, but with legal equipment and a pretty decent sail. It has a wood rudder, glass centerboard, and the mast step is intact and has not been broken. The boat is well worn, but certainly water worthy. A great boat for kids to mess with. It also has a trailer, but it's not proper in that the hull sits on long bunks. I do not have a title for the trailer, so it is a bill of sale deal. The max I'll take for this boat is $600. It's also negotiable, especially if you don't want the trailer.

If you're interested, send me an IM with a phone number here or email me at rhattaway at mapcinc dotnet .. I'm located on I-85 between Greensboro and Charlotte, easy drive from almost anywhere in VA.
i have a 1999 laser with radial and full rigs, brand new upgrade kit, top cover, dolly and i believe two of each sail. boat hasent been used in a while, stored inside. 3500 takes it all. located in Bristol, RI. let me know if you're interested.
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