Wanted: Laser in Texas Area

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I saw it and it sounds great!

but, It's more than I can spend.

1500 is just about my max. Now, unless you wanted to trade a racing sunfish + 500 Cash for it, then we might have a deal!
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ah, I see.

What all does it come with?

I have a '74 right now, but it's in kinda beat up shape and I'm a racer. So I wantd to get a good watertight boat to race.
New rigging but alittle worn, it is paint but it is from laser store no dolly. And actually no trailer that is a jet ski trailer. I'm going out to the lake tomorrow and barring rain I can take better pic's than maybe I can figure out how to post here
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alright! hm. Is the paint really smooth?

Is it watertight?

I have a regatta on the 21 in Houston and if possible, I would like to have it by then (financing provided). Is 1300 final?

I have a sunfish for sale and once that goes, I will most likely buy your laser. Is it a full rig?

Can you list everything that it comes with?
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