Wanted Laser in Ohio Area

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I'm looking for a Laser in the Ohio area. The boat needs to be sound with no leaks or soft spots. I am looking for updated rigging and blades.

Willing to travel to get a good boat. If you're looking to sell, please let me know.
I've got a laser in Bloomington, Indiana that I'm looking to possibly sell. I'm moving to FL, and don't want to move it when its easy to pickup another good boat there. Depending where you are in OH, that could be close, or pretty far.

I've got the laser, full rigging, cover, dolly (New foam wheels for the dolly), and a brand new Right-On Trailer (http://www.rightontrailer.com/ ) fully assembled (Which was a freaking pain, took ~3 hrs).

I don't know all about rigging well enough to know what the "latest" rigging is, but I'm pretty sure this is not the latest, but it could be updated.

The boat has no leaks, or soft spots, has a couple minor chips in the fiberglass on the top of it, but otherwise is in good shape. I think its from the 90's, but I'm not positive. I can take a look at the sale number, and serial if visible if you're interested and close enough for it to matter. I can also upload photos.

I'm looking to get ~$1800 for the whole setup. I do not want to sell the boat without the trailer, since its actually the trailer which is going to be most difficult to move.
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