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Wanted- Laser 2 Rudder

Phil Fleming

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Price $
Help! I lost my entire rudder assembly in a capsize last summer....having trouble finding a replacement rudder head/rudder/tiller assembly.
Anyone know of any for sale ?
Can I make my own ?

Phil Fleming

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Are you able to send me a few pictures?

For shipping, I live in Ann Arbor MI 48103
How much would that be? Or are you close to me ?


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Here is photo of rudder with tiller extension. We also have original centerboard and a newer sail.


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I am not advertising as Laser 2, all parts are for Laser 30050
Well, the original poster clearly wants a Laser 2 rudder, so I assume it's a Laser 2 he has, and it's Laser 2 sails he wants as well. The parts that you're selling won't fit his boat.

What's a "Laser 30050"? :confused:


Phil Fleming

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Thanks, all. I really do have a Laser 2, so these parts won't work. Thanks for your help.
The gudgeons and pintles are further apart on a Laser 2, that's why a Laser part won't work here.

I made a diagram of what I need - using a Laser rudder assembly - I couldn't even find a picture of a Laser 2 rudder assembly!

Update - May have found one in California.......