Wanted Kick Up Rudder

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Need kick-up rudder for a Capri 14.2

This is a new thread. The Matt was successful in getting a rudder. I still need a rudder, so I started a new thread.

The rudder is 38" from top to bottom.
Widest part is 10". Lower pintel is up 26 1/4" from the bottom of the rudder and the second pintel is another 7 1/2" up from that.
Rudder Assembly

I can mail you a paper tracing of my rudder if you want to make one. And I don't know if the auction is still active, but I saw the metal assembly (only) on ebay the other day.
Making a rudder

If I did better in shop class back in the day, I'd be tempted to make a hardwood rudder for my Mod II lol.

I love the teak trim on my boat. It took a bit of work to restore, but that honey color is very striking against the white/red hull.


Have you checked the price with Catalina? Sometimes the cost of buying new is easier than making a new one.

Just a thought.