Wanted Kick-up Rudder

I have been looking as well. Hope you did not have the same experience I had. Perhaps the readers will learn from at least my mistake and double check to make sure the rudder locks in.

Do you happen to have the dimensions of the rudder? I am considering modifiying one it the dimensions are close enough.

If you have the rudder pintle assembly you can definitely make one. My choice would be to use a hard wood for strength and durability. You can use Ash and paint with a polyurethane bottom coat paint. I've made parts out of Ash, which is used for bats, oars & hockey sticks. It's strong and finishes well. Mahogany is good, and it's great for boat parts due to it's resistance to rot. It can be expensive and if using for a kick up rudder it might get beat up a bit.

Thanks, I had not thought of ash. Any Idea where I could get mahogany or ash. I would need a piece around 40" x 10". I looked at Lowes, but the best they have is oak

I have 4 or 5 rudders in the corner of my shop from past boats. I think one is from a capri. If you know the measurements I will be glad to confirm
I have a kick up rudder

Matt, I have an extra used kick up rudder. I am also looking for some good used sails for my capri.

The Rudder is SOLD
I am still looking for sails for my boat. Thanks
I want to respect Matt's thread and request. If Matt does not respond, I would be interested in purchasing any parts... I need the full kick up rudder, tiller and hiking stick. Please call 512.826.6845
Kick Up Rudder Dimensions
Top to bottom 40" ... widest part is 10". Lower pintel is up 26 1/4" from the bottom of the rudder and the second pintel is another 7 1/2" up from that.

The above dimensions were sent to me. My rudder is still under 80 feet of water

Rudder Dimensions

The rudder is 38" from top to bottom.
Widest part is 10". Lower pintel is up 26 1/4" from the bottom of the rudder and the second pintel is another 7 1/2" up from that.
The rudder has a small 1 1/2 scratch in it, not deep at all.
It has the hiking stick.
I will try to post a picture tomorrow.

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I want the rudder

I tried to send a private message to you through the forum. Apparently it didn't come through. I am interested in the rudder blade only, however if need be I will purchase the entire assembly. I would then be willing to sell the tiller head and handle together with a full scale tracing of the rudder blade so that EGarcia could create his own rudder.
I would like to hear from WindJunkie who posted he has a few rudders laying in his shop. I would rather not make a rudder if I can get one for a reasonable price. I also found another contact who I waiting to hear from

Rudder from Monomania

I want to sell the whole tiller and rudder together. I need the bucks to buy new sails for my boat. I was going to sell it for $150.00 plus shipping. I have no idea what it is to ship. If you and Ed want to work something out. I will ship the pieces to two different places making it more cost effective for you both. Ed has my email if you two can work something out.

Sold--Rudder to Matt

Nice talking to you Matt. The whole rudder system is yours. If Ed contacts you before I ship it, we can work on sending part of it to him.