Wanted: Bent/ruined upper mast section

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Hi guys,

Based on input I've collected in this thread:


I want to get a reasonably new bent upper mast section, that failed "at the usual place" ;) so I can cut it down and make a new boom.

I'm looking for cheap/free, but I'll pay a nominal cost and pay for shipping.

I expect to do this on a couple of old boats, so I'm looking for a couple of these things.

StevenSJHartman AT pacbell DOT net.
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If someone's got one, we can work that out. After all, if I bought a *new* boom I'd still have to have it shipped to me somehow.
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I was thinking more along the lines of an organ donor -- a young one whose natural life was cut short by catastrophic injury, rather than one that's lived a complete and full life, and with bones creaking and frail is ready to be put out to pasture...

thanks, though.
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I read back over my last reply and it's a bit glib. Sorry. But I have been able to locate a couple of these locally so far, so we don't need to go to the trouble of shipping one from Maine.

Still I wouldn't say no to another one if someone has one in California, or especially in the Bay Area.
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