Wanted 4 sunfish daggerboards and 4 fully kitted rudders

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Looking for 4 new style complete rudders or even just blades/tiller/other parts.

Also need 4 daggerboards.

Does anybody have any ideas where i could find the above?

I presume you are not looking to buy new Sunfish parts. If they don't have to be class legal you can get great pricing on fiberglass daggerboard and rudder blade at www.intensitysails.com. Otherwise just keep looking here or Craigslist or EBay to buy used parts. Be prepared to spend some $$ if you are looking for the new style daggerboard and rudders.
I have a "new style" rudder assembly (missing the tiller extension) and a daggerboard that I am willing to sell. They are in fair condition and need to be refinished. Some cracks. I can send you pictures if you are interested. Price is $225 for both of them plus shipping (from Reno, NV).

Reno, NV
I have old style rudder tiller and centerboard in Miami. Left over from the Sea Scout fleet we had years ago, but didn't survive my younger brothers. Let me know if interested. Would like to find a good home, as I am a little sentimental about the pieces. Pic attached


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