Want to sail 14.2 in San Diego this Spring

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New owner here. Bought a boat ('99) in great shape minus a mast step and I am switching from a roller furling Jib to a fixed forestay. Parts are on order but I don't plan to get my boat wet until the Spring. I'm also coming out to San Diego this Spring for a conference and wondered if there was anyone out there who could show me around their 14.2. I've never sailed one and am looking forward to sailing mine, but I thought a little practice with another owner would be of benefit.

If any body out there would be willing to show a new guy around the boat or point me in the direction of a club, it would be greatly appreciated.

Scott Ethridge
Charlotte, NC
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what's it worth??? It's off a '99. Very lightly used. I had to buy new sails because the old ones sat out in the sun for years not used until the sails rotted. The furler is fine. I'll check around some pricing and see what I can do. Out of town next week to where the boat is. 704-408-4806c
San Diego Contacts

Please feel free to stop by the Mission Bay Yacht Club when you are in San Diego. We have many C-14s at MBYC and I am sure that you can find one of us available to show you around and perhaps even get you out on the bay for a sail. You can call me at work at 619-585-4018 or 4047 (as for Dr Anderson) and I will ge happy to line you up with someone, if I am not able to help you, myself. I presently own a 1999 C-14, as well. I keep it at MBYC. However, I am thinking of selling it as I have moved on to racing other sailboats such as the Lightning. Therefore, I may not have it when you come out to visit. Nevertheless, I am sure that I can line you up with someone at MBYC. You may email me, as well. brian.anderson@sharp.com
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PS: You can check out MBYC at www.mbyc.org.