Want to buy Laser Radial, 2008 or later model

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Located in York, ME. This boat is 2008 and is completely race ready.
At least 4-5 sails Radial and Full. (one rolled and only used once(full))

Two top sections, radial bottom, two full bottoms.
Zhik hiking strap.
Two performance upgrade line packages.
Two dagger boards. (1 brand new)
Carbon tiller and extension.
Top and bottom Covers.
Scietech dolly.
Roof rack pads.
Blade bag.
Two mainsheets.
Many battens.

Pristine condition, never leaked. This is a great boat, white hull, and has no hull damage, spider cracks, etc. I'll upload photos this weekend. If you're young and looking to get the full racing setup this is it. If you're looking to get back into the game you could sell off a lot of the stuff too. Aside from the boat, everything else is worth a lot.

Asking $5,000 negotiable. If you're at all interested, send an email to albert.nichols@tufts.eduand we can work something out.
I will be traveling from Reno to TN this week I can meet up with you in route.

Laser Full Rig Priced for a Quick Sail $1,750. Ready to Race – Great condition, stiff hull, completely dry, blades are in good condition w/ board bag, large tiller extension, still semi-crisp sail, hull #PSBE4131D191 white on white, very competitive. I stayed in the top of the fleet, even won few during the Lake Tahoe Monday night series, which has a rather respectable large fleet. She does need a bath and a new inside cockpit toe hiking strip otherwise, you will be happy.

Call Greg 775.771.9838 or email remcorgreg@gmail.com for pictures.
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