Want teak door to storage area


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Please let me know if you have for sale or know where I can buy a teak door for the storage area, as well as hardware to install. Thanks.
Teak Door Replacement

I have a 1988 Mod 1, that was missing the cuddy door. I made a replacement door out of a piece of 1/4" plexiglass. The top of the door sits in a groove in the underside of the teak rail at the top of the opening. I made a latch for the bottom out of a cabinet door lock. I also added a cabinet door handle for it. I put some weatherstripping on the back to improve the seal. Since I made it I've found that you can buy a white plastic material call starboard that comes in various thicknesses. It might work better than the plexi. I have attached a photo of the hatch. I have since found the old door from the boat. It slid all the way to the stern of the boat under the flotation bags. (don't ask me how I managed to get it out, I'm very claustophobic, and still having nightmares) I would give it to you, but it's in really bad shape. I hope this helps.



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Teak replacement


You seem to be very good at constructing alternatives. I will give it the good old college try or maybe go back to finding a friend as apt as you with creating hardware alternatives.. Wish me luck. If you wanted to make me one and sell it to me, along with installation instructions, I would probably go for it, as this is definately not my department.

Meanwhile, if anyone else can help, it may be a while before I master this one.

Thank you, Robert.

I want one!


That is a terrific cuddy hatch. Much better than the factory one that came with my 1986 Mod I. What kind of tools did you need to complete the task. It looks like you are a master carpenter as well as a sailor.
I used a table saw, jig saw and router. The hinges are a lift-off variety so you can have full access. The inside compartment on the door will block access if it is too deep.

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Cuddy door

Larry - What inside compartment? Maybe you're talking about a Mod 2, which has a fiberglass box inside a canvas door. But our "client" here says he has a Mod 1. And, as you know, Mod 1s have a completely open cuddy, with a teak door.

BTW, I'm really impressed by the use of a clear door in place of the teak. But I agree a wood door would be a lot simpler to fabricate.
Cuddy door

Actually, the plexi cuddy door was really easy to make. I just bought a piece of 1/4" thick plexi from a home improvement store, and cut it to size with a jigsaw. I drilled a hole for a cabinet lock, and added a handle. The whole process couldn't have taken more than an hour. If I had the old door to trace, it would have been even easier. The feature I like best is the ability to lock it.

Some of my original postings are no longer on the site. I have a Mod 2 and pulled the fiberglass tub. Take a look at the door open picture. I made small "inside compartments" on the inside of the door for additional storage. They work great but slightly limit access to the space uner the deck. That is the reason for the lift-off hinges.

Teak or clear seems to be personal preference and comfort. I enjoy working with wood. I also admire those who are skilled with other materials.