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Want: Laser in the San Diego Area

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Hey, looking for a Laser in the San Diego area. In reasonable shape and to be sold for around $1,000. Would not mind a fixer upper for less but will also pay more for a laser in good shape. If at all interested email Fletcher309@yahoo.com


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Re: Looking for Used Laser in SF Bay Area/Northern California
I just listed my 1976 14' Laser for sale on Ebay. I live in Sacramento, CA.

You can email me for the address (glennhhall@yahoo.com)... or try the following link.


You can also do a keyword search on EBAY for "Laser Sail Boat" and it should pop right up.

The boat is available to be examined all this week... so since you are fairly close you could see the boat if you want.

The boat, trailer, sail, and other parts are in very good condition.

Thanks for looking... Sincerely, Glenn
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