Walker Bay 10 vs Sunfish

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I need help/advice please. I want to reinforce my 11 yr. old's sailing skills. We go to the beach 2-3 times a year to sail Hobies. She can helm a Hobie 16 (Getaway) with jib as long as I'm on the boat giving instruction. In-between times at the beach I need a small dinghy for local lake to reinforce skills. I have narrowed it down between 2 boats and I'm racking my brains over this.

Sunfish: good looking boat, easy, fun, love the lateen rig, stable, can go out with the 2 of us, sails better than
the Walker Bay. Basically good boat for upkeep of skills.

Walker Bay 10: good looking boat, fairly easy, fun, not as stable but can go out with 2-4 people, versatile if I want to row or motor and don't feel like rigging it (just go to lake with dog and a cup of coffee and goof around).

Thanks for all advice and comments !

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