Voting now open on ILCA Rule Changes


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Voting on 2018 ILCA Rule Changes begins MONDAY, 7 MARCH 2018. ALL active members in our district may vote - one vote per member.

The voting period is six months -- WEDNESDAY, 7 MARCH - FRIDAY, 7 SEPTEMBER 2018. To be counted you must vote by 7 September 2018. The results will be announced later in the autumn.

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Eight proposed changes, but one has to go through a little ID page to see them.
Most of them seem non-controversial, IMHO


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Eight proposed changes
Seven really, as the first is number 2 for some reason.
one has to go through a little ID page to see them.
This link seems to work around that: Vote on 2018 ILCA Rule Changes Survey
Most of them seem non-controversial
Let's see:

2. Clamcleats with a becket hole: just incorporating a current interpretation into the rule.

3. Mast abration preventing strips: same as 2.

4. Writing the requirement of a sail button into the rules: this is probably in retaliation to LP selling buttonless but otherwise allegedly similar ("class compliant") sails. If this makes things clearer, fine.

5. Aramid allowed in ropes: yes! The original ban made little sense to begin with, and even less with Kevlar-core ropes disappearing from the market. This means you can have rope with Technora in the cover, such as Marlow Excel Control.

6. Variable rope thickness at splices: the new wording doesn't really change anything, and doesn't make any clearer what a legal splice/taper looks like.

7. Voting time shortened from six months to one: makes sense.

8. Emergency rule amendments: what might be an "extremely urgent" reason for a rule change? The possibility of a later democratic overturn is of course nice.

I'll probably vote "yes" on all but number 6.