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Voting now open on ILCA Rule Changes


Sherri Campbell

Voting on 2018 ILCA Rule Changes begins MONDAY, 7 MARCH 2018. ALL active members in our district may vote - one vote per member.

The voting period is six months -- WEDNESDAY, 7 MARCH - FRIDAY, 7 SEPTEMBER 2018. To be counted you must vote by 7 September 2018. The results will be announced later in the autumn.

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Upside down?
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Eight proposed changes, but one has to go through a little ID page to see them.
Most of them seem non-controversial, IMHO


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Eight proposed changes
Seven really, as the first is number 2 for some reason.
one has to go through a little ID page to see them.
This link seems to work around that: Vote on 2018 ILCA Rule Changes Survey
Most of them seem non-controversial
Let's see:

2. Clamcleats with a becket hole: just incorporating a current interpretation into the rule.

3. Mast abration preventing strips: same as 2.

4. Writing the requirement of a sail button into the rules: this is probably in retaliation to LP selling buttonless but otherwise allegedly similar ("class compliant") sails. If this makes things clearer, fine.

5. Aramid allowed in ropes: yes! The original ban made little sense to begin with, and even less with Kevlar-core ropes disappearing from the market. This means you can have rope with Technora in the cover, such as Marlow Excel Control.

6. Variable rope thickness at splices: the new wording doesn't really change anything, and doesn't make any clearer what a legal splice/taper looks like.

7. Voting time shortened from six months to one: makes sense.

8. Emergency rule amendments: what might be an "extremely urgent" reason for a rule change? The possibility of a later democratic overturn is of course nice.

I'll probably vote "yes" on all but number 6.


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All the proposed changes seem to have come quietly into force yesterday, except the "emergency rule amendment" rule. Wonder why that one didn't make it.

The online class rules has changed the numbering of the rules (by changing any letters to numbers), but the text still refers to the old numbers. It's a typical rulewriting fail. The PDF version has the old numbering, though, and it's nicer to read on the whole; the format and font is the same as it has been for decades.