Expired Volunteer job on a sailboat in Europe???

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Hello happy sailors
I started this year with my plan to travel around the world and I want to get into the sailing community and learn to sail and get knowledge about working on boats, so I have a possibility to cross the Atlantic to Latin America in the end of the year. My question is if someone have some tips for me how I can start. Like do you know some good ports where I can go or do you know somebody they are looking for some volunteers for day/week trips?? I already have a crewbay profile but the most people looking for professionals.

My skills are, I am graduated as an mechatronics and I have 5 years work experience in the machine building industries. I was in an exchange and worked one month in a shipyard in Sweden. I have a basic diver licence.
You can find more about me on my profil or contact me.

Tankyou for your help.
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