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Virtual Clipper '17 - '18 on regattagame.net


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Hi Sailingforums people !

Virtual Clipper '17 - '18 is starting tonight Sunday August 20 at 20h00 UTC+2 on regattagame.net !

regattagame is a free virtual on-line racing game developped by volunteers gathered in a non-profit assocation:

regattagame offers continuously a lot of different races, from the shortest ones (2 days) to the longest (several weeks to one month or two).

The aim is to choose the best sail and headind in order to build the best route to compete with a lot of other virtual skippers.

Tools such as waypoints, scheduler and auto-heading are available so that your boat will keep on the best route while you are off-line.

You can try the game without registering by clicking the "Try with the demo boat" button on the front page.

So, see you on board tonight at Liverpool !
Fair winds !


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Hi sailors !
The second leg of the Clipper race is starting Wednesday October 4 at 20h00 UTC+2 on regattagame !
Come on board !


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Hi everybody !
The third leg of the virtual Clipper will start Tuesday October the 31st on regattagame.net
Capetown to Fremantle
Clikc the UK flag and then the "Home" menu. The whole site and game are translated.


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Hi !
The fourh leg of the virtual Clipper will start Wednesday January 2018 the 10th at 20h00 UTC+1 on regattagame.net:
Fremantle - Whitsundays by south Tasmanie.
The race interface is open, the boats will be reset at start at 18h00.
Nice race to everybody !