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I’m usually on the Capri 14.2 side of this site but I just got done throwing this post up on Book of Faces for folks who know us and I figure it was worthwhile as an introduction to the Sunfish side of SailingForums. I’m not new to the Sunfish class, used to race on the Chesapeake with the Grandview Island Crew near Norfolk. They’re some of the folks referenced below. Just glad to be on the water in any sailboat… Sunfish, Hobie Cat, Capri, Pearson Flyer etc etc etc.

As you’ll read below this boat was made possible by the amazing folks at Small Boat Restoration near Pensacola. If you want a fantastic Sunfish look them up!
We added a new craft to the family today named VIPER. He’s a fantastic restored sunfish by the fine craftsman of Small Boat Restoration at their amazing Lewis Boat Work factory. Despite most boats being of the feminine variety he’s most certainly on the masculine side having military aviation as inspiration for the color scheme. The wind was already dying for the evening as we put him to sea but like every great Sunfish he scooted along in the lightest of air and was ghosting nicely in the calm by sunset. Tomorrow’s forecast is for 13-15kts out of the east which will be perfect to light him up a bit.

I can’t say enough about the care and amount of detail work that went into restoring this boat that was over 30 years old but sails like new. He was completely gutted inside with new foam installation, inspection ports installed, more than a few hull injuries repaired etc. Kent and Audrey have restored dozens of fantastic vintage craft that I couldn’t do justice to in a small post so I’m including links to their sites that have plenty of highlights. Seeing happy schools of Sunfish roaming the seas and lakes of the land one of their motivating goals. Tammy already has them working plans to restore another Sunfish to rival Frankie’s fantastic Lemoncillo back at Grandview Island in Virginia (sail scheme and all).

They were completely impressed with the amazing restoration my parents completed on Azalea our Capri 14.2. We shared pictures while we were out at their place and they got to walk our beach and look at the results when they dropped VIPER off. While Tammy and Audrey were off talking I prepped Kent to coach Tammy through restoring Julianne’s wood trim (so I don’t have too)… all great stuff!

Jamie at GVI will be proud that I’ve finally taken the plunge into Sunfish ownership and all it took was living on a beach like him to close the loop (plus some outstanding craftsman). Looking forward to the pirating adventures tomorrow!

(I already beat a Hobie Holder 14’ this afternoon and VIPER isn’t even close to rigged for racing… yet… great times ahead)

Small Boat Restoration

Kent & Audrey Lewis: Small Boat Restoration - TotalBoat

1.JPG 2.jpeg 3.jpeg 4.jpeg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg 16.jpeg DSC_0026-01.jpeg DSC_0027-01.jpeg DSC_0028-01.jpeg DSC_0036.JPG DSC_0037.JPG VIPER Launch 6 Jan 18 002.JPG VIPER Launch 6 Jan 18 022.JPG VIPER Launch 6 Jan 18 023.jpeg VIPER Launch 6 Jan 18 029.JPG VIPER Launch 6 Jan 18 035.JPG

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Dozer you should be a writer you made us sound magnifico! We had a great time talking about the World's Greatest Boat and couldn't be more thrilled to find kindred pirates just down the Sound from us. Not many folks are already wetsuited up when we pull up to deliver their boat :) VIPER has a great home and new Spirit Keeper.

Wheels in the well.



Pics or it didn't happen? Here is VIPER capturing his first prize on your first sail.


VIPER's Restoration


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VIPER is a fantastic craft indeed! We're already prepping for the sailing this weekend... Tammy (Mermaid) will have her wetsuit on for her first time at the helm. She wants to be a comfortable Sunfish skipper in time to care for a boat of her own ;-)