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Vintage Alcort Wooden Sunfish - SOLD


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Vintage Alcort Wooden Sunfish Sailboat – built by my master carpenter father from an Alcort kit in the early 1960’s (believe 1963). Complete with all hardware, sail, tiller, rudder, centerboard, aluminum mast and booms. Looking for a good home. Always been stored indoors. Good condition. Includes original assembly instructions and metal plaque with serial number. Pickup in eastern Long Island. Questions or interest please leave voice mail or text RobertC at 973-420-7282.


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Nice looking boat! The Ser No tag dates it to 1963.

I know your desire is to sell it but would there be a local Maritime Museum that it might find a home at? She's one of the best preserved and oldest examples we've seen of the Alcort kit boats. She represents 10 years of Alcort wooden Sunfish technology.

Good luck with finding her a new homeport!
Nice idea. Get a donation letter from a 501-C3 write off based on their appraised value you may be ahead in the long run financially...and have a good deed done to boot.

Otherwise...if I saw this while at Hofstra yesterday I would have grabbed it!!!