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Been following him for a while. Since I started sailing SF a year ago, his videos were a source of some good information and ideas. I am glad he is doing this.

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Nicd video. I hope you got back Ok with the light winds. Given the amount of sailing you are doing, you would really benefit from a new daggerboard. The class-legal ones are expensive, but I believe an Intensity costs around $199. You are sailing with the "shadow" board, which is the smallest board ever provided with a Sunfish. You will go upwind faster, point higher, and come out of tacks more easily with a new board. Since you now have a wetsuit, the board would be an excellent next gift.

Also, it will not be as noticeable as a new board, but sitting as far forward in the cockpit as possible will keep the stern from dragging and you will go a bit faster on all points of sail (although downwind in big waves you will want to sit back some.)
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