Video: Low Tides Sailing On The Russian River


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On April 22nd, Phil and I got together at Jenner and did some sailing. It was an "interesting" day.

The above average rains this winter did something I haven't seen in quite a while; they blew open a new, massive entrance at the river mouth. You can see the new river mouth here.

What this has done is allow the river to empty itself when there's "low" low tides. April 22nd didn't disappoint. Phil seems to be a lucky charm when we sail together. The day always turns into an adventure.

We got an early start with a plan to do the 12+ miles Duncan's Mills bridge out and return and beat the forecasted strong NW winds back to the Jenner boat ramp. Well, we didn't beat the winds back to the ramp. Almost but not quite. :D

Here's the video.


- Andy
Where is the 35 mph part? :)
Presumably, rescued by Coast Guard Auxiliary?
I forgot my bag of spare GoPro batteries on this trip. So I had to nurse the one battery I had the whole time. But my camera began shutting off after a few seconds before we got to the stretch with the big winds.

When we got to the big winds, Phil pulled over just downstream of the bridge that you see early in the video. When I saw him pull over, I decided the best thing for me to do was to continue and see if I could make it the rest of the way back to Jenner. Then I'd be able to go and get him and his boat with my truck and empty trailer.

It was pretty hairball conditions. The peak gusts I'd estimate were 35 mph but what was so challenging was the varying direction of the gusts. Then as I was coming to "The Rock" I looked over and there was Phil standing up on a pontoon boat, his Sunfish in tow and a beer in his hand.

The Coast Guard Auxiliary team asked if I wanted a ride. I said, "Yes!" You can see a Google Earth image of the layout of the area here.

- Andy
I was not making it back with the wind at that level. It's very rare to see anyone who could tow us back to the ramp on the Russian River but we got lucky that day. Andy and I are planning another run this Friday, conditions permitting. Another great video, Andy!