VHF radio Q's

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Hi there,
I am doing a thesis in college (in Ireland) and I was hoping anyone who reads this if they could answer these 2 quick questions:
1. Do you use VHF or a mobile phone on your boat?
2. How many reasons can you list to choose VHF over mobile phones? (please include the reasons)

Thats all,
Thanks a million for your time,


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1) yes on both.
2) a radio reaches everyone within line of sight (assuming they have a radio and it is on), a cell phone reaches only 1 person at a time and you have to know their number. radio works offshore and a cell won't due to lack of towers.


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I use a VHF handy tied to my vest. You only need to push one button to talk, can listen to everyone on the selected channel and there is no need to dial a long number (quite hard when the boat is moving).