Very Very new to the forum, but not to sailing

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from a true newbie in this forum.......

When I was born in the mid 60s my parents already had a boat.
It was a power driven but once I was out on the water I knew my element.
I learned how to sail in early 70s, sailing the Optimist.
At one time my father and I found a rowing dinghy that was almost falling apart, which we transformed into a sailing boat, with centerboard.
During the time I also learned to sail the Triss dinghy, a one/two man sailor. Completely unsinkable!:)
I have later in my life com petite in the big class of sailing boats.
Now almost 30 years later I am looking into starting sailing again, unfortunate the size of water limits the size of boat. There fore I am open my hands for your opinion and recommendation of sailing dinghy that I can go back to and later on maybe competing with.

I am very familiar with Laser, and it might be one of the grand choices.

Thank you all