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Very used/worn Laser 2 main & chute - just pay for shipping

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Hey there,
I replaced the main on my L2 and am wanting the old one to go to a fellow sailor. It is an original Laser 2 class sail in poor shape, with rust stains and the rope on the luff coming out at the head for 4" or so. It is repairable and usable. Battens not included. Pay shipping and it's yours. I'm guessing about $30

I also have a yellow L2 class spinnaker with some repaired tears in it. I've never used it. Also free for shipping. I'm guessing around $8.


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Hi JPop,
I am interested in the spinnaker. I saw your pictures before and it would be a great addition to my boat.

Just a note, I used the old mainsail for my laser 2, cut off about 5sq ft to trim out the bag in the sail, added a reefing point and use it for days when the wind is so strong I really shouldn't be sailing. That way I don't kill my new mainsail. Just an idea.
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