Vangurad 15, Laser II


the V15 is really just a high performance yet easy and very fun to sail. it has no kite. the laser 2 has a trapeze and is really designed for pure racing and extreme sailing. the next step up would be a 470 or a 49er. it is intence. and the V15 is way more stable and has a lot less controll lines and other clutter in the cockpit. they are totally different experiences.


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Wait, a 470 is more extreme than a laser 2? or is a 470 more extreme than a Vanguard 15? Based on its inclusion with a 49er, i'm assuming you're saying its more extreme than a laser 2...

btw, vanguard 15s are great boats, especially coming out of CFJs/420s they feel really fast and responsive

yes i am saying 470's are more intense then a laser2 and of course a 49er is more intense then either. the only boat that is more extreme then any skiff ever built is of course the aussie 18 which is basically an insane ride where you're holding on for your life.