Vanguard Laser Plus Lots Of Extras - Sarasota, Fl - $3650

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Regatta Ready Vanguard Laser Radial

This laser was used for 2 of the last 3 years but sat unused for much of its life. It's in great shape. Always stored covered.

  • 2000 Vanguard Laser Hull - includes recently replaced Hiking Strap and lines - clean, dry, regatta ready - color: Blue
  • Includes the racing package components - Blades/Daggerboard/Rudder/Tiller Extension
  • Includes all rigging - Main Sheet, Cunningham, Clue Tie-Down, Vang, Outhaul - most lines are recently replaced but all in good shape
  • 3 Sails - with battens, tell tales
    • Vanguard Regatta legal sail with 2 days of racing, numbered
    • 1 fairly new Intensity practice sail (non regatta legal), numbered
    • 1 older regatta legal practice sail, numbered
  • 2 sets of Spars
    • Regatta spars: Vanguard Boom, Uppermast, Lowermast
    • Practice spars: Intensity Uppermast, Lowermast
  • PVC Pipe with ends to transport spars
  • Seitech Dolly - in great shape with good tires
  • Blade Bag - Intensity, looks new
  • Assorted spare lines, fittings for rigging
  • Top storage cover
  • Bottom storage cover
  • $3950 or best offer

    Purchase must be local pick-up.

    Email me for large versions of these photos and/or more photos.

  • Laser (5).jpg Laser (6).jpg Laser (7).jpg Laser (8).jpg Laser.jpg Laser (1).jpg Laser (2).jpg Laser (3).jpg Laser (4).jpg
I think the boat looks good but it may be a little old and I am not sure how dry the haul stays. It looks like there is a couple chips on the join top-bottom.

I be interested in the boat mainly for practice, I can probably come up with $3,000 cash. I know it looks good overall and there is a lot of equipment but it is 12 years old boat that only worth $6,000 brand new. I think a 50% depreciation over 12 years is a fair figure for a boat value.

Let me know if that works for you.

Hi Glenn I am new to using this type of forum. I usally let my 12 yr old daughter do this for me. I am an avid sailor and we are looking to upgrade my daughter from an Optimist to a Laser. I have family in Sarasota and I am interested if the boat is still for sale
Yes that can be possible but I think I saw that add on Craig list last month and it was listed at $2,500 or so. Is that correct?
It is just that I already have some gears and I may be looking at newer boat.

hey would you consider driving it up to orlando


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