Vanguard 15 vs Laser 2

I have crewed on a van 15 12 at CYC in chicago, there a nice boat with a trapeeze so i can super wet!!! thats all i know :) i was da one on the trapeze the whole time. Its fast and its fun to hike out, iv never sailed a laser 2 so i have no clue about it. the 15 is faster than the 420 and i think it has more cockpit room. I think it has a bigger racing class than the Laser 2, which still needs to gain popularity.
Vanguard 15's are not trapese boats, nor do the have shutes. They are basically a laser 2 without the trap and shute. Laser 2's are declining in popularity, whilst V15's are pretty common. Both are good boats and both plane easily. If its for fun and you're decently experienced with trap and shute then go for the Laser 2. If its for racing and/or you're not very experienced with trapese and shutes, then go for the V15. Both are very fun boats. Lucky lucky you....;)
i would go with the v15 if you wanna race but if you dont i think i would still go with the v15 because if you decide you wanna race in the future.