Vanguard '01 w/ Radial rig, Seitech dolly

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Vanguard OQTG0652H001, sail #170652 radial rig in excellent condition. Lightly used for lake club racing only; mostly dry stored off the hull for the past 10 years. Hull with blue stripe in excellent condition: a 1/4" ding at the rub rail. Original blades in excellent condition with Laser blade bag. Ronstan carbon fiber tiller extension. Harken vang upgrade. All lines in excellent condition. Inspection port with barney bag. Seitech dolly and bottom cover.

Please request pictures via E-MAIL. Ken:; 217.714.4405
Do you still have this Laser for sale? If so, I am very interested. I belong to Atlanta Yacht Club, and I need to upgrade to a newer model. I am also looking at a Laser in Pensacola, so a fairly quick reply would be greatly appreciated. To be honest, this Laser "sounds" better than the one in Pensacola. It is more of what I am looking for.

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-David H. Butler-
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