Vang Wire Pennant Purpose

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Can anyone tell me the purpose of the wire pennant on our Capri's vang? I am replacing my vang with a Harken system that uses a cam cleat instead of the stock fiddle block with V-jamb. That V-jamb is hard for me to adjust when soloing.

The vang will be a 4:1 using 2658 and 2655. Pictures are below

-- Ed

The wire pennant will reduce the amount of line required.
With 4to1, you save 4 inches/feet of line for every one of wire.
This improvement is probly not class legal for racing.
The purpose of the wire is it's strength and stretch resistance properties. According to Catalina's parts manager and the local Catalina dealer here, the wire pennant is most often replaced with Spectra line since the advancement in line strength technology has brought it up to par with wire.

I like the Harken setup. Will be much easier to adjust than the V jam when under load. If you are a single handler then you might want to hold on to that 15" wire pennant from the Boom Vang. Especially if you are considering roller furling. It is the same size and length as the Roller furling pennant needed to attach the top swivel to your forestay tang.
I still use the V-jamb and I solo often. Although, I have turned it upside down but placing the block at the boom. It works great for solo sailing, I just pull the line straight down to tighten. This way the line is hanging from the boom and I can reach it easily and stays off the floor of the boat.

When I sail with crew it gets in the way, so I reverse it so the block is up against the mast. Then it stays out of your face when tacking.

1989 Capri 14.2
1984 Catalina 22
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Thanks to each of you!

@ross ellena --
I'm not going to be racing solo (and probably not for a few years anyway!) -- I'll make sure I keep the old vang just in case (although I've made so many rigging changes already, I'm not sure it would be worth it to change back).

@674786U --
I suspected it was for strength combined with saving a length of line and also making a more compact vang assembly. I have spectra line on my upper jib halyard and love it! I had it on my main halyard, but the 1/8" Vectrus 12 was so thin it kept jumping off the upper main sheave when the halyard wasn't under tension.

And, ah (sigh), some day I'll have a jib roller furler, but that won't be this year; they sure aren't free are they!

@Altoona --
I recall you saying in another post how you reversed the V-jamb cleat. At that time, I thought you said you also removed the wire pennant.

Perhaps putting it at the boom end you can avoid the problem I always have with a V-jamb cleat: it keeps recleating itself when I'm trying to loosen the vang. I've tried holding the line in different positions, but it always ends up being a two-hands operation. That's why I'm going to the class-illegal cam cleat.

The harken system you show looks a bit over speced for the boat, but it will definately make it easier to adjust.

Which ever system you use, and whether you turn it upside down or not, ditch the wire pennant.

Then replace it with a piece of spectra.