Vang rigging ?

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hey folks,

I would really like to get some opinions on rigging a vang for the sunfish. Okay so I don't have a mast cleat but I'm hoping to get one soon ! So can someone recommend how I should rig a vang using the sail hoisting halyard ? I usually bring it to the deck and pass it through the fair lead then tie off to the mast cleat. Now where do I go from there ? I'm grateful for any info given

Oh and one more thing a small cleat and two self tapping screws should hold the mast cleat in place right ?


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I use a small plastic cleat with stainless screws, drill pilot holes and put a drop of 5200 on the threads. I unexpectedly tested it in 36 knot winds and it held fine.

To tie in a vang, use the extra halyard from the deck cleat, back through the deck fairlead, up over the gooseneck and back through the fairlead, tie off at the deck cleat.

If you do a search you find plenty of pictures