Value of a used 4.7

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Looking at a laser that has a 4.7 rig included that I wont be needing, anyone any idea what it might sell for on the used market?

UK or Ireland used market...
Fairly new spars in good shape can command 75% of the new replacement cost.

Sails are "wear items" and rarely get more than 50% of new price (unless only used once or twice) and go down rapidly from there, depending on how heavily they've been used.
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Cheers for the quick replys!

Im just wondering if I would save more selling it after I but the boat or getting the owner to keep it and reduce the price... I saw somewhere they were €700 new so I COULD sell it for 350, but then again the owner might give me more than 350 off the price of the boat... oh decidions decidions!! :rolleyes:

We'll see on monday when I go have a look anyway