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i'm looking for recommendations for small sailboat rentals anywhere in the US, Mexico, and/or Caribbean. I typically see ads for Hobie cats, but any sort of small sailboat would be ok.



Maybe visit a recent Sunfish Worlds location, the host sailing club might have extras leftover that you can rent? Curaçao was a couple years ago and looks like an AWESOME place to vacation.


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The hotels/resorts that do offer sailboats for rent these days typically have Hobies (like the Hobie Wave or Getaway). More friendly for novice sailors; harder to capsize and more comfortable for two or more.
I did find a place in Curacao that (still) rents Sunfishes: Sail Adventure Curacao.
Sailing a Laser out of Cabarete (Dominican Republic) requires a different skill set.


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The Laser is the more "tender" of the two types of hulls?

Catamarans are stable in moderate winds, exhilarating in strong winds, and agonizingly slow in weak winds. :confused:

Sunfish work for everybody, but are the go-to sailboat for the age-enhanced.


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Hi Wavedancer, although I will never be sailing a Laser out of Cabarete, I am curious and wonder if you would elaborate on this.
I probably should have left this one out. The Cabarete shop is for sailors to practice their Laser skills, typically with input from a coach, and race. One has to bring a sail, ropes etc.
Laser Training Center - Cabarete, Dominican Republic

And yes, a Laser loves to capsize...:eek: