UV damage?


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I'm just looking at a 1986 Catalina 14.2 that has barely been used in its lifetime, but has been stored outside without a uv cover. The hiking straps are rotted away, the plastic around the shrouds is mostly gone, the cubby cover is virtually destroyed, but apart from that the boat seems to be in excellent condition. The original 1986 sails and sheets, which have been kept indoors, look in brand new condition.
The boat itself seems in wonderful condition...no cracks in the gelcoat that I can see, no blistering, or soft areas, but I'm no expert. What kind of damage UV damage should I expect to see in a fiberglass boat thats been in the california sun for 23 years?
All the hardware seems in mostly excellent condition (except the plastic roller at the top of the mast that the halyard goes over...not sure of the exact name, but I'm hoping thats easy and cheap to replace).
Any advice on whether there may be hidden problems from the lack of covering, would be welcomed.
Almost all sailboats are stored outside in the direct sun, mine included, and they are built for that. The sails and runnig rigging are the two things that can be a problem, and you said yours were ok. Consider buying new stays from Catalina and have fun.
Sounds like a nice boat. Damage from being stored outside would be wear to the gelcote. I have a Catalina 30 of the year stored in the water with no cover, its not a problem. If its a good price and the right boat , buy it. All boats will reveal problem areas and wear, its part of the deal. Enjoy .
UV damage outside

If the boat is waxed every 3 or 4 months and kept clean there will be no damage. Not even gelcoat fading. it will get lighter in color but will retain its gloss.

It should be stored with nose stuck up in the air so water drains if it rains. Puddling will cause stains.
Winter Storage

Hello. I purchased a 1987 Capri this season and am storing it away for the first time. I put blue tarps on it (just about to the ground) and tied them down. Anything else that one should do to winterize? Thanks in advance.
UV damage

PNP: The sheave at top of mast is also available at Catalina Yachts. Now they use black plastic instead of white, so it probably will better resist UV. And you can get a color restorer that you apply like with a buffer, then coat over with a wax or maybe one of the Teflon polishes. Works pretty well. I like to cover the whole boat and as much of mast with a tarp like they use on hay stacks, when in dry storage in Arizona sun. RK