UV Cover for Roller Furling Jib?

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Some years ago I put a roller furling jig on my jib. Not thinking, I promptly left my jib on until, this past year, the leach was starting to disintegrate. A local sailmaker sewed on a strip of sunbrella that when furled, should protect the sail from further damage.


I've noticed, now that I'm noticing things, that while the foot of the sail furls nicely, the head of the sail twists open. Not only does this mean the strip of sunbrella now isn't covering all of the furled sail, in heavy winds it also means the head of the sail untwists and starts to carry a load.

I'm wondering
a) is there a way to get the jib to furl evenly from foot to head?
b) a better way to protect a furled jib from UV damage?

Richard Smith