Using a Sunfish for sailing/camping

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Does anyone have experience using a sunfish as the means of transport for a camping adventure?

I have enjoyed canoe camping in the past and am thinking it might be a better way to go being solar powered so to speak.

I can invision needing to tow a small lightweight waterproof cargo boat behind.

Assuming it doesn't screw up the hydrodynamics to the point you can't sail or tack, you would need a long stiff hitch of sorts, perhaps a fiberglass rod and rope - the rod to keep the cargo boat from plowing into the sailboat should you decelerate quickly (flip), the rope for additional pulling strength.

Do you think this is possible or too much of a PITA?

Any comments would be apreciated.
I agree towing is not the answer. You can stow stuff on deck between the daggerboard and mast in a waterproof pack. It was done all the time in the Connecticut River "race".
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Ayeh, hadn't considered the drag thing and how it would alter the theoretical center of the boat. You see large sailboats draging dingies once in a while but in that case I suppose the additional drag is negligible.

Cool article at mindspring. Sounds like alot of work but quite ideal in the end.

I'll check ou the book references.

Thanks everyone.