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Using a bicycle spoke tension meter to measure shroud tension?


Has anybody used a bicycle spoke tension meter to measure the tension on a wire shroud? I'm setting up an Albacore after spending most of my time on a Sunfish or club boats set up by somebody else. I'm also an avid cyclist and hoping I can buy one tool for both sports (and a bike spoke tension meter is less expensive). Thanks.


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Interesting thought; a few minutes ago I didn't even know that sort of things existed :D They seem to take up to 3 mm spokes, and the scales go nearly up to 200 kg, so it's in the same ballpark with the thickness and tension we're measuring. The thing is, bike spokes and jib luff wires are constructed differently and maybe of different materials, so the readings will be hard to translate into real values (boats with rod rigging use different, very expensive meters). Maybe you could borrow someone's wire meter and see if you can somehow calibrate a spoke meter with it. But I'm inclined to think that getting a classic "Model A" would be a better investment.