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Using a barber hauler with a carabiner for the jib sheets for better pointing


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Has anyone tried using a barber hauler with a carabiner for the jib sheets for better pointing? This would allow movement of the jib sheet tension to be on top of the seat without placing a cleat on the seat. By moving the jib sheet connection inward the jib should allow the boat to point higher. I am planning on getting a Capri 14.2 pretty soon and wondered if anyone has tried this? You would connect the end of the line (probably 1/4" line) from the carabiner to a fairlead cam cleat mounted on the barney post. You could make a fairlead camcleat using a 3 to 5 inch length 1/2" or 3/4" PVC pipe horizontally mounted (using V cuts facing 45 degrees up as cleats on both ends would work for both barber hauler lines) on the back of the barney post above the hiking strap bails.. Any suggestions on how to mount the PVC pipe to the barney post? My first thought is to create a shallow notch the pipe where it touches the thick sheet aluminum of the barney post so it won't roll and use 3/16" cord to tie to the front of the barney post and to the top holes.


Never tried it. Sounds like a good idea, but it is hard to envision how you are cleating it on the post.
My first thought (before I read your details) was to put a cam cleat on the front of the seat (down where your legs are) as that would pull down and inward.

Under sail, I currently find myself wishing the boat higher than it sails well. The jib needs a little curve in it, and it isn't happy hauled in tight. Maybe a barber hauler would allow a higher point without ruining the shape of the jib.

Good luck! Let us know when you get the boat and send pictures of your mods.



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I'm a pretty big guy so I'm slower switching sides and with both sails trimmed tight, even the slightest wind shift has caused the jib to backwind and crash tack, one time sending me over and turtled. Ugh. In light air though, it might be good... Nothing has helped me point higher than extending my tiller and extension to where I can sit as far forward as possible. BIG improvement for me. I've also tied the mainsheet to the bridle, eliminating the block on my last 14.2 (which helped upwind), but I haven't done it on this one. Maybe the sails are better/worse, but the main already out-points the jib, and I can point pretty well, so I'm leaving it for now.


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I also experimented with tying off the traveler in the middle of the bridle. Just tied knots on either side so the pulley couldn't shift. On light air days it was helpful for pointing, but when there's a healthy wind I didn't like the fact that the main didn't go out as far. That could be problematic! So I came to the conclusion that since I'm not racing it really doesn't matter that much whether I point closer to the wind or not. And like you said, the main already outpoints the jib anyway...


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So, raced in some fairly brisk breeze last weekend (8-15mph) and it seems when the wind picks up a bit the extra pressure pushes the boom to leward even when sheeted tightly. I would like to be able to get the boom closer to center, so I will likely be affixing the mainsheet to the bridle, eliminating the block.