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Wanted: Used sails in good shape

I have a set of Catalina original sails that I've recently replaced with some SLO Sails that I 'earned' for helping my wife with her doctorate but they're still in great shape. The originals are clearly fuller than the new SLOs and I can point about 10 degrees higher now with the new sails but they have life left. The pictures I've attached were taken this October so you can see what sort of shape they're in. The jib is not roller so I can imagine you're looking for that first, but if you don't find anything these will be here stored in humidity controlled goodness.

I'll let them go to anyone interested for $350+ whatever shipping turns out to be (~$25-ish). I enjoyed them and hope someone else does too.

Chris & Tammy

Azalea 6 Oct 16 050.JPG Azalea 6 Oct 16 057.JPG Azalea 6 Oct 16 065.JPG Azalea 6 Oct 16 157.JPG Azalea 6 Oct 16 161.JPG


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Happy Holidays & thanks for the offer. But my boat must have been originally sold from the dealer rigged for jib furling, as there is nothing on the mast to attach a jib halyard block (and no screw holes where one was). And I'd also need to find & rig a forestay, which doesn't sound fun.
But I'll still think about, cause your sails are in much better shape than mine. Thanks.