Used Sail Wanted - full rig

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Hello - I'm looking for a used Laser sail for a full rig mast. Nothing fancy needed... I'm teaching our kids to sail on a old boat.<P>
- Bill
I have an original full size sail that is in nearly new condition. It was used only in fresh water. The gromets at the tack and clew are still shiney brass color. There is no wear on the sleeve that fits over the mast and the tab at the top is as new. Price is $75 including shipping in the US.
Stu Nickerson
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Thanks Stu. Where's the sail located. Would like to take a look at it if possible before buying. I hoping to find something w/in a drive's distance of Marblehead, Ma so I can check it out.

Thanks all!
I live in Milton so we are close to each other.
The nice sail off the 1975 is on hold pending an inspection on Sunday. If it still available I will let you know.
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