Used Equipment and Sails for Sale!

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Equipment for Sale
  • Super Spar M7+ mast, $700. Used only one season. All best fittings installed including starlock main halyard, spinnaker crane, extended gooseneck.
  • Super Spar spreaders, $50. New.
  • Trapeze wires, $50. New. (Just the wires and handle, not the adjuster system.)
  • Matrix Masts Rudder Head, $150. Used. (Three available)
  • Tapered Spinnaker Sheets, $75. New.
  • Diaform jib luff wires, $50. (Two available)
  • Nautivela Padded Bottom Cover, $200. Used, very good condition. Two available: yellow, and gray.
  • Mast Cover, $50. Used. (Two available)
  • Boom Cover, $40. Used.
Sails for Sale -- all North Sails.
Mains ($1,150.00 brand new. All are radial cut, so last longer.)
  • C21-L5: Brand new, $900. Used only one regatta, $600.
  • N10-L5H: Used, $400.
  • N13: Used only five days, $600.
Jibs ($650 brand new.): S14: Brand new, $500 (three available).

White V2 Spinnakers ($785 brand new.): $500, used one regatta (two available).

Please contact Isabelle Farrar: +1.917.930.5665