used class-legal full-rig sails for sale

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I have 5+ full-rig sails to sell that have been used about 25 times each. They have a variety of sail #s, some have USA and some have my firm's website on them (I can send a picture of these sails if you want but it is not obtrusive). I have not looked through them one by one, so more specifics will follow or can follow as some of the sails sell, but they are $150 (shipping included), and $125 if you take one of the sails with the website on it as you will be advertising!

Please ask any questions you might have and get ready for frost-biting season by buying one or more of these class-legal sails.

Ben Richardson
I may be interested in one of the ones with your website on them. I'm not afraid of shamelessly promoting if it saves me a few bucks :D!!!! In general, what is the condition? Were the sails taken care of? Are they still crisp at all? How were they sailed? Big breeze... moderate breeze with a new skipper.... drifting in the general direction of a weather mark....

I'm looking for a relatively decent sail to frostbite with this year. If you have any that could be categoried as B+ to A- condition I'll be happy to take one off your hands.


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Points of clarification about the Laser sails. I was a full-time campaigner from '97-2003 and then for several months before the '07 Trials- thus I was always extremely careful with sails (eg no flogging on coach boat tows, sails always rolled except for folding for plane travel). I generally used a sail in a major event in Europe, then one in the US, then perhaps a regional event (ACCs) or a high-level training camp, and then finally for training. Any of the sails saw big breeze but also light air, but at a certain point became too far removed from a new sail to be of use to me. At this point, whether they technically saw 20 days use or 30 days use for my purposes they are all the same.

I am not an avid user of the Laser Forum, so please email me on with your questions or interest.

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