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I'm considering purchasing a used Capri 14.2. It has a woooden cuddy door and wooden splash guard that leads me to believe it is a mod 1. I have a couple of questions for the experts that are always part of these groups.

1. What is a fair price (ask 1500, I'm thinking around 1100) for a Capri. Defects: 3 repaired dings in hull (size of a quarter), couple of small parts of the rub rail are missing. No hiking strap in the back, plastic covering the hull opening for the drop skeg is shot, standing rigging ok but old.

Good points: New roller furling Jib, old main. Galvanized trailer in pretty good condition not much rust, one new and one old tire, bearing I looked at was well greased.

1.a Only things I haven't inspected so far is the drop skeg (tough on a trailer) and saiils. Are there any common problems I should look for.

2. Has anyone mounted an outboard motor bracket on this boat. I will need an outboard (5 hp). Any issues I should be concerned about? At least I can crawl under the seat to through bolt.

3. Is there a replacement for the door that is popular. I want something that seals well. The wooden one is crap.

4. Under the seats there are a dozen 3-5 gal plastic water bags for flotation. They actually look pretty new. Is this the norm for flotation?

Any advice would be very appreciated.
I have a 1985 just like the one you're describe, #636. It has a motor mount attached, through- bolted but hi on the transom, which my dad installed long ago and I reinforced and reinstalled about 5 years ago. We used to have a 3hp on it and it was more than enough for basic ocean going. I just use a 55 lb electric on m lake now. The trick is ensuring the mount is out of the way of the rudder, and getting a long shaft outboard. Tis forum has lots of pics of those if ou search a little. Check out this hatch: