US Sunfish Class Elections Results


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The following individuals have been elected for the 2004-2006 biennium for
service to the United States Sunfish Class Association as a result of the
election which closed Friday, July 16, 2004 in Canandaigua, New York:

President: Victor V. Manning
Treasurer: Patricia Manning
Junior Events Coordinator: Clinton Edwards
Membership Coordinator: Mindy Strauley
Regatta Coordinator: Constance Miller
New England Region Representative: John Fonseca
New York Region Representative: Ron Kutkiewicz
Mid-Atlantic Region Representative: Constance Miller
Southeast Region Representative: Rose Hamm Rowland
Florida Peninsula Region Representative: Paul Strauley

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Gail M. Turluck
Thanks Gail.

That's really interesting. Constance Miller is doing 2 jobs? And Mr and Mrs Manning are both president and treasurer?

Was there a shortage of other candidates? Were any of the elections contested? If any of the jobs had more than one candidate standing, can you please publish the number of votes cast for each?

Am I the only person in the world that sees a potential conflict of interest when the president and treasurer of our class are husband and wife? Now I know Vic and Pat Manning are wonderful people and devote countless unpaid hours to our sport. But that's not the point. Even well-intentioned honest people should not be put in the position where there could be a potential conflict of interest.

After all I am sure that Vice-President Cheney is a wonderful, cuddly man who is kind to animals and helps old ladies across the road. But it troubles me that he is still being paid by his former employer who seems to be winning all kinds of US government no-bid contracts to rebuild Iraq and supply Iraq with oil at 25 bucks a gallon. Oops - sorry - end of gratuitous political rant.

But do you get my point? Even good people - especially good people - should not be running the risk of being accused of such conflicts of interest.