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Pretty amazing finish to the ISAF World Championship as far as the selection of the USA sailor for the 2012 Olympics is concerned.
Everybody, including me, thought it was going to be close between Clay Johnson and Brad Funk. When the ISAF World Championship started in Perth, Brad was ahead of Clay by 4 points and Rob Crane was a further five points back in the US Sailing selection standings. For most of the championship Clay stayed comfortably ahead of Brad with Rob a distant third. But on the last day Rob scored a first and a second in the Gold fleet, jumping ahead of both Brad and Clay.

Final standing Perth 2011
(Gold Fleet)

14. Rob Crane
23. Clay Johnson
27. Brad Funk
30. Charlie Buckingham

This implies that Rob Crane will be sailing in the Olympics in Weymouth!
Unless my math is off :eek:

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