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US Sailing is a joke!

--An organization that has lost sight of its purpose in the quest to make money.

--An organization that puts it's members last.

--An orginzation dominated by a few individuals--I call that incest.

--An organization focused on giving the same members one award after the next.

--An organization that resists change. They will tell you black is white for years and quietly change their manuals back to white so they can pretend they were this way all along.

It is hardly surprising that membership is decreasing, and fees are going up. It is really sad actually, because I know exactly what the organization needs to fix itself, but it is equally certain that they never will--hence the joke is no them...


beldar boathead

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I was going to post something too - it is great to have the Sunfish on the US Sailing homepage. Hope they keep it there for a while!

Nightsailor, perhaps you could use a bigger font next time. Tough to read when you use such a tiny font size. :(



Upside down?
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To get back on topic, the video was fun to watch, although a bit repetitive, IMHO. Some cutting would have helped to address that latter issue.

I identified three or four Sunfishes (with colorful sails) and about ten Lasers. Not a great turnout, it seems.


Are you talking about the SW Regional helmet cam video? We actually had 9 Sunfish and there were 4 lasers that weekend.


Yes, our Sunfish turnout was lower than we would have liked for this event. This was, in part, because several of our local kids were sailing around the tip of Florida on that weekend (last year's event had 12 Sunfish). We would, however, love to see an increase in Sunfish sailing in the area, and are doing what we can to promote it. As a club, we have more than a dozen Sunfish that we make available for our club members to use at no cost. This has resulted in more junior and adult Sunfish sailors/racers in our club. Since we use the boats for our lesson program, this has become the standard for all new sailors in the club as well.

Despite operating in a region with very few junior sailing programs, we remain optimistic that we can help grow sailing in the area, and the use of Sunfish will help us get there.


A couple other items. First, US Sailing has been very helpful to us in putting on this event. I can't speak to their support in other areas, but we have had nothing but great experiences working with them, and they have provided us with the resources and tools to make this a fun event for the kids.

As for the video, it can get a little hard to find on the US Sailing site, since they add new videos farily often. You can view it on the photo page from the event website, or if that doesn't work there is a link from that page to the same video on YouTube.


Upside down?
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Thanks for the clarification, pwbuell. And congratulations to all for making it happen.

It's true that the video menu on the US Sailing website is updated frequently. The video from the Midwest Jr Sailing Festival was uploaded by US Sailing on July 27. Hopefully, it will stay around for a while on that site, but as pwbuell pointed out, there are other ways to view it.