US-1493 Vanguard 470

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Hi, i have a blue, early 1980s Vanguard 470 which my wife and I sail once in a while... It is time for it to go somewhere since it has been replaced by a 24' S2. Is there any interest in this community to pick this boat up ? I bought it second hand in the 90s and was told that Vanguard made a series of Olympic racing boats like this one in the early 1980s... Trap, Spinnaker, Main, Jib, Trailer, canvas cover... Deck is light blue with dark blue highlights. The boat looks great and has been kept inside during the winter months. Let me know please if someone is interested in her - otherwise she will likely end up in a graveyard somewhere...

Best Regards,
Frank Parsons (Cincinnati, OH)
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I have someone in St. Louis who i offered it to $400. i think it is a valuable boat - just not interested in owning her any more. If they don't come though, you are welcome to come get her. parts list....
1 jib with telltales (no creases)
1 main sail + battens
1 spinnaker (blue stripes with boat number i think)
spinnaker control line & gear
spinnaker "quick" halyard
magic box for jib halyard
adjustable jib leads
Harken blocks & equipment throughout
self bailer
boom vange
main down haul
no jib downhaul - i hear they are legal for the class now
spinnaker pole with topping lift
two spinnaker launching bags
centerboard in trunk
two hull mounted compasses (one lost it's fluid but still works)
trapeze wires
trapeze seat
jib sheets
main sheet
all controls rigged symetric in the boat - adjust from the hull
bottom canvas cover
top canvas cover
trailer with lights
spare trailer tire
bearing buddy for grease application
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The mast is a tapered aluminum design with rope slot for the luff... halyard is rigged with a "ball". hull is in great shape (my opinion). pretty much kept inside most of her life.
I'm trying to get my boat set up. It is a 73 vanguard, and has been put together to the best that I can from what I have seen, I was wondering if you would be willing to snap some good detailed deck pictures and mast and boom pictures for me to review and see if I am missing anything.
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Hi, sure i will be up to the boat on Saturday. it isn't rigged at the moment though... you have a spinnaker ? if so, it may not be obvious. the jib/main should be straight forward. send me an email so we can talk - cheers.